Vince McMahon banned move The Revival wanted to use

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Vince McMahon banned move The Revival wanted to use

As many of you will know, within the WWE circles, the last word on any type of speech or decision is up to its Chairman only: Vince McMahon. Whether you are talking about a narrative choice to follow, whether you are talking about how to open a show, or whether you are talking about how to call a new wrestler just landed in the federation, every type of choice and proposal must first arrive on the Chairman's desk to then perhaps be approved.

Throughout WWE's history, multiple maneuvers and finishers have also been removed or banned from the federation's rings, as according to Vince they would not be safe if not performed perfectly or maybe they could bring heat towards the company if some external body had something to complain about, such as Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp, eliminated from the ring for some time.

According to what was revealed to the microphones of Busted Open Radio, Dax Hardwood, currently under contract with AEW while previously part of the Revival, wanted to explain to the fans what their finisher was in the WWE rings, except to have it later canceled by the patron of the company in person.

Vince McMahon banned move The Revival wanted to use

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, Dax Harwood (a former member of the Revival) revealed that Vince McMahon banned a piledriver move that they wanted to do. They put their own spin on it, but it was something they always wanted to use, but they were never permitted to execute it.

“The shatter machine, we have to, well we don’t have to, but we enjoy calling it the goodnight express, is a move we took from another great tag team you may have heard from. We incorporated that and put our own little spin on it.

But, going to AEW with the spike piledriver, that’s something we always wanted to use in WWE. We even talked to Hunter about it and he said no. We asked other people. We asked Vince about it and they obviously didn’t want to use the spike piledriver at all.

We came to AEW and we started incorporating the spike piledriver just almost as a restart for us. It is something we want to incorporate into our matches. But, for the shatter machine, no one has ever kicked out of it. We learned that from another great tag team that had the same kind of finisher with the same kind of premise. No one ever kicked out of it. We just want to take the spike piledriver and utilize it to its fullest extent”.