WWE reportedly has multiple new championship designs

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WWE reportedly has multiple new championship designs

One of the surprises of the last episode of Monday Night Raw which aired only two days ago, was the presentation by MVP of the alleged new WWE United States champion belt, even if at the moment it would not yet be the new official title.

What remains currently official and used on-screen by the reigning champion, Apollo Crews, is the historic star and stripe title brought to the rings of Raw and Smackdown for several decades now, with its predecessor coming directly from the WCW rings, more than 20 years ago.

According to the famous blacksmith "BeltfanDan", pseudonym of the famous Twitter account of the creator of almost all the latest belts of the WWE championships, the federation of the McMahons would have already commissioned various other jobs from the boy, including a belt from NXT, of which, however, Dan refused to mention it.

As a sensational second revelation, the Stamford Federation belt maker also confirmed to WWE Universe fans that two more new belts for Smackdown's tag team champions would be ready before Wrestlemania 35, even though WWE leadership has not still had a way or probably want to bring them on-screen, nor is it known if he will do it shortly.

The federation is also said to have asked Dan, to redo a new more "extended" version of the absolute Championship of NXT, which would be identical to the current one, only bigger and the boy would have been working on it for a few months.

WWE reportedly has multiple new championship designs

On Wednesday's WWE’s NXT: The Great American Bash special, Keith Lee faced off against Adam Cole on Wednesday. Lee is currently the NXT North American Champion, whereas Cole holds the NXT Championship.

They clash in a Winner Take All matchup. It is unknown whether the winner will choose to keep both belts as individual championships, or perhaps consolidate them into one, leading to a debut of the redesigned NXT Championship.

While @BeltFanDan doesn't work on official WWE belts, he was the first to reveal back in December that a new WWE United States Title design was coming. That was revealed on this week's RAW by MVP, who will challenge champion Apollo Crews for the title at Extreme Rules.

Dan noted on Twitter this week that the new United States Title belt is not 3D CNC milled like originally thought, as it's the first known printed belt. Apparently the belt was printed by laser formed powder compound, which is a first for pro wrestling.