Kairi Sane not leaving WWE?

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Kairi Sane not leaving WWE?

Kairi Sane for several days has appeared as one of the main names destined to leave WWE in a short, if not very short time. This was confirmed by the long absences that have characterized Raw's last weeks, but also by the rumors that he spoke of her imminent return to Japan to stay with her fresh husband.

Also, for this reason, her return to Raw last Monday took more than a few fans and experts by surprise. But there is also more. According to what Alex McCarthy said on 'talkSPORT', in fact, her abandonment to WWE appears now less certain than in the past.

All situations that have occurred in the recent past and which could form the basis of Kairi Sane's farewell remain absolutely true, but in the meantime, the management of Stamford would have decided to face the situation in a more aggressive way.

In fact, the journalist explained that WWE is currently studying a new contractual offer to be presented to the Kabuki Warrior, with the aim of trying to make them change their mind thus renewing their contract currently in force.

It remains to be seen how much the Japanese wrestler is willing to negotiate and if there are still margins for her change of mind in extremis. If so, WWE seems willing to negotiate, otherwise, its farewell could materialize in a rather limited period of time.

Rumors on Kairi Sane

We recall that in recent weeks Kairi Sane has been the victim of an injury reported during a match against Nia Jax and that in this period of time WWE has entrusted her with an inactive role in the ring and as "ambassador" of the company in Japan.

In the meantime, however, the rumors reported by the 'Wrestling Observer' and that Kairi Sane was willing not only to move back to Japan on a permanent basis but also to continue his wrestling career for the last year and then devote himself to family life and other work activities.

A prospect of withdrawal from wrestling that, obviously, WWE wants to try to counter. Offering Kairi Sane a new, money-making contract. The belief is that they will offer her more money than she could receive anywhere else and believe that Sane can be convinced to sign a new contract, with her current one reportedly set to expire next month.

The report adds that after her last concussion in a match against Nia Jax, Sane was “shaken up” and it triggered her questioning her wrestling future.