Rumors on Heath Slater's WWE future

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Rumors on Heath Slater's WWE future

Among the great surprises of the last episode of Raw stands out the surprising appearance of Heath Slater, who appeared alongside Dolph Ziggler to annoy the former ally Drew McIntyre and who, after being easily defeated by the one who was, in fact, a henchman of his times of 3MB, he was saved by the Scottish himself after the attack perpetrated against Ziggler.

But what does this sudden appearance in Raw mean? And above all, what signals does it send in view of the continuation of Heath Slater's career?

News on Heath Slater

As already widely pointed out, Heath Slater is on the list of the many Superstars that WWE fired last April 15th, but his return to Raw took place within the famous three-month clause that WWE imposes on its former employees, with the aim of not seeing them immediately land with other rival companies.

In other words, there are no plans of any kind in sight that foresee a reinstatement of Heath Slater in the roster of Raw's wrestlers. This is confirmed by the 'Sportskeeda' website, which stressed that the former member of Nexus and Corre continues not to have WWE in its future, and this is demonstrated by the fact that it has and continues to have a date in its personal agenda in the immediate future with participation in Talk N 'Shop A-Mania.

Moreover, Raw has been raging for months in MVP, which a few hours after the release of Heath Slater via Twitter made him find a message, in which in addition to remembering their past episode, he urged the younger colleague and friend not to give up: "I was on the WWE development circuit with Heath.

He came from FREE Deep South TV. He literally WORKED to get a development contract. He told me he wasn't able to do the promos. We talked about it. I told him he had a GREAT personality! Take her to the microphone. PRACTICE! She did it!

OH BABY!" While this doesn't necessarily rule out Slater's return to the WWE in the future it does indicate that for the meantime, at least in the short term, Slater is making the most of his free-agency to wrestle in different places.

Slater's RAW appearance did come across as a send-off of sorts with his confronted McIntyre for leaving friends behind before losing in a squash match to him and then getting rescued by him after Dolph Ziggler attacked.