Vince McMahon has nothing in mind for SummerSlam

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Vince McMahon has nothing in mind for SummerSlam

WWE is focusing strongly on Extreme Rules, or rather "The Horror Show at Extreme Rules", as it seems that it will be called at least for the 2020 edition. That in Stamford there was a lot of focus on the paid show of this July as a "horror show" had been evident for some time, as it was easy to guess how this year really points to the famous "extreme" that for years had been heavily missed.

And so the showdown between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio will come in a match with a new and macabre stipulation, but also Drew McIntyre and above all Dolph Ziggler seem to have something big in the program. So much so that he monopolized the recent thoughts of Vince McMahon himself.

The biggest SummerSlam 2020 summer event will take place on August 23. Before it happens, the previous PPV so far is The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, which has so far presented us with some disturbing struggles.

Vince McMahon is focused on Extreme Rules

The 'Ringside News' site said it had discovered exclusively that the WWE Chairman is so focused on the successful outcome of Extreme Rules that he has basically put aside all his thoughts relating to SummerSlam, to concentrate only and exclusively on Extreme Rules and the success of this show.

That promises sparks, although not primarily in the intentions of the big boss. The aforementioned "Eye for an Eye match" will certainly be important, the highly anticipated Swamp Fight between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt is equally central to the balance of the event, but great curiosity is also around the challenge for the WWE Championship.

Dolph Ziggler has in fact promised "a stipulation never seen before", and the impression is that Vince McMahon wants to further tread on this concept that has already been applied for other matches in the card. An almost unprecedented situation, given that for decades the attention of WWE, at this time of the year, have all been concentrated on SummerSlam (not surprisingly defined as "the greatest show of the summer").

This will not be the case this year, or at least the interest in SummerSlam will explode in the coming weeks. For now, everyone in WWE is thinking about Extreme Rules, including Vince McMahon. The idea of ​​Randy Orton taking on Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship is intriguing.

If Orton wins the gold, he could provide Edge with an opportunity to compete for the WWE Title once he returns from his triceps injury. It would be nice to assume that WWE is scheduling things well in advance, but nothing is set in stone.