Sheamus discusses the fan reaction to his feud with Jeff Hardy

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Sheamus discusses the fan reaction to his feud with Jeff Hardy

In his WWE career, Sheamus held the WWE Championship three times, once the World Heavyweight Championship, twice the United States Championship, four times the Raw Tag Team Championship (with Cesaro) and once the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (with Cesaro); he also won the King of the Ring (2010), the Royal Rumble (2012) and the Money in the Bank (2015), becoming the second-ever wrestler, after Edge, to have won these awards.

Before joining WWE, Farrelly fought on the independent European circuit, hoarding titles. Appearing on the latest After the Bell, Sheamus discussed the fan reaction to his feud with Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus on his feud with Jeff Hardy

“Oh yeah.

I think I’ve got a serious amount of backlash. A lot of people really, really, really hate me right now … You know, listen, when we’re in WWE man, talk about blurred lines. I actually read an interview with Bobby Lashley talking about the situation with him and Lana, and how he had to like, talk to his kids about what was going on.

And somebody will blur the lines, you know what I mean? And it is! And listen, at the end of the day man, we’re characters. And my job is to be the most hated character ever. And I thrive in that situation. And this current environment is giving me a great opportunity to delve into that" - Sheamus explained.

“And I feel like when we talk about coming back with passion, I feel like I am. I knew there were certain things in my game that had to be worked upon. Because, when I was with Cesaro in The Bar, we weren’t really challenged in that situation.

You know, we’d share promos together. But you’re in a tag team, you’re sharing a lot of things. You’re sharing the load. But I knew coming back into a singles competitor, Corey? I was like, there are certain things in my game that need to be tightened up.

One was my physique which, I wasn’t happy where I was. And I put like, train twice a day and getting stuck on my diet. And training and being religious with that. But also the other side was like, you know, nailing my promos.

And making sure nobody could touch me in that area. And I feel like especially in the last couple of months, I feel like I’m just in a whole new, different world, different league when it comes to that. And I’m enjoying the stuff with Jeff because it’s given my character a lot of opportunities to play with words.

And really like, just watch the reaction, especially on social media, to how much people hate me the more I enjoy sticking the knife into Jeff Hardy”.