The British Bulldog’s Daughter on HOF Induction

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The British Bulldog’s Daughter on HOF Induction

Georgia Smith is the daughter of the legendary WWE Superstar, The British Bulldog and she commented on his upcoming WWE Hall of Fame Induction. Smith will be launching a website and store dedicated to her father. The Hall of Fame Induction is the inspiration behind the website.

Davey Boy Smith was his actual name and he passed away in 2002. She stated that she doesn’t remember her father very well. "When I was little, I didn't see my dad much. I referred to my dad as Davey. The first part of our lives was just seeing him on TV.

So, I called Dynamite, Dynamite, and he was Davey," she recalled. "Those are my earliest memories. I vaguely remember Matilda. [My brother] Harry has a better memory of her. She wasn't our dog as a lot of people thought.

She was a show dog that traveled all over. She kind of just stayed with us. She was very territorial with my dad. "I remember going to WrestleMania 7. I remember my dad being larger-than-life. I had the best childhood growing up.

Kids at my school loved him. I remember everyone adored working with him. He was such a cool guy." "That was his life. Seeing him on TV all the time, I was seeing him there more than at home. Wrestling was home for him as well.

It was what he loved and lived for outside of his family. All of a sudden not seeing him there along with the rest of my family, it kind of seemed like something was missing," Smith said.

The British Bulldog's HOF Induction

Davey will be inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame as a result of a huge social media campaign.

Many people wanted to see The British Bulldog in the HOF as his contribution to the world of wrestling is absolutely legendary. "It was where he belongs. My dad was the most meaningful, recognizable and did his best work in his career in WWE.

I'm glad he is being recognized for his contributions in wrestling. I believe he is the biggest star out of the UK. It was the right time for him to go in," she said. "As a daughter, I'm speechless. I'm speechless he went in.

I thank WWE for that. He would have loved to be celebrated into the Hall of Fame. He is not here for it, but Harry and I are doing what we can to honor him."