Riddick Moss skipping WWE tapings due to pandemic

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Riddick Moss skipping WWE tapings due to pandemic

In the United States of America, the pandemic is an increasingly dangerous issue and in the last few days, the number of infections has been increasing sharply. Thousands of virus positives are made official every day and the stars and stripes nation is among the most affected countries on the planet.

Given this situation, many in WWE are worried and some wrestlers have decided to stay at home to protect their family. Roman Reigns was the first to make this decision, then Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn also made the same decision and decided to temporarily stop their work in the federation based in Stamford and avoid dangerous risks for their family.

According to what Dave Meltzer reported during Wrestling Observer Radio, Riddick Moss also decided to stay home during this difficult period and temporarily leave WWE. Riddick Moss has momentarily left the federation and Meltzer wanted to explain the reasons during its transmission.

Riddick Moss skipping WWE tapings

Meltzer said, "Riddick Moss does not have the virus, but at the moment he is worried about various problems and so the former WWE 24/7 champion has decided to stay at home. As far as I know Riddick Moss is still in the WWE company, but has disappeared.

He doesn't have the virus, but has decided to stay away from the ring at the moment. He currently has the same thought as Sami Zayn and has made it clear that he believes that at the moment things in WWE are not working for the best."

Several positive virus tests have been found in recent weeks and, among others, Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce have revealed that they tested positive for the swab. In addition, some sources close to WWE have stated that over thirty tests in the federation have tested positive, but WWE has now banned from making official positivity through social media.

The main purpose of Vince McMahon would seem to not create alarmism around his federation. Several WWE employees including Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Jamie Nobel, and Adam Pearce have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

No Superstar has revealed a positive test just yet. It remains to be seen when Moss is able to return to WWE TV. On March 22, the former NXT star lost the title to R-Truth while out for a jog, ending his maiden 24/7 Title reign at 41 days. As reported earlier, WWE could likely freeze Riddick’s contract for opting out of the tapings.