Could WWE remove ring announcers forever?

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Could WWE remove ring announcers forever?

Among the women who lately holds this role (for years entrusted to Lilian Garcia) is Charly Caruso, although the most popular figures, direct heirs of sacred monsters such as Howard Finkel, Tony Chimel, Justin Roberts and even the great "Mean" Gene Okerlund, they are still men today.

These are Mike Rome and Greg Hamilton, the latter of whom has become indirectly famous in recent years for two issues that have entered the collective imagination of WWE for various reasons: the choice to change the formula "The following contest is scheduled for one fall" which provoked the unanimous chorus "One fall!" of the audience and those long and repeated, "The Best in the World" dedicated to a Shane McMahon who made him repeat them until he obtained the desired effect.

We are talking about ring announcers, a figure that is certainly not irrelevant in the balance of wrestling shows, including those in WWE. A WWE, however, that is considering eliminating this figure, perhaps only temporarily.

WWE removes ring announcers from the ring

In fact, the choice of WWE to record the last tapings of its weekly shows with the various Superstars that went directly to the ring without anyone being there to present them to the public (the one at home, but also the haggard one present on the stands behind the now known Plexiglas barriers).

Well, the issue was recently dealt with by 'WrestlingINC', who explained that this could become "the new normal" We know too well that in WWE we are trying to continue the various shows in the most normal way possible, with the awareness that the general climate is heavy and that the recent outbreak of infections that have affected various personalities under contract with the company makes it difficult to work week after week.

Here, therefore, among the "sacrificed" figures in these weeks and months, the ring announcers could appear, who with their faces little known to the very large public, unlike the extremely familiar voices, year after year they "dictated the times" between one match and the other.

The situation could obviously be only temporary and, moreover, not be applied in each of the matches played from here on: in other words, for particular occasions, we could go back to see Hamilton, Rome and colleagues at work.

The feeling, however, is that their figure is destined to appear much less frequently than usual in the WWE rings. And that this situation is destined to continue for some time.