News on what WWE has planned for Randy Orton

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News on what WWE has planned for Randy Orton

Randy Orton has returned to be appreciated in WWE, and specifically in Raw, as one of the main "villains" on the roster after a few years on the sly. And that the near future is destined to give great things to the Apex Predator is now a clear concept to everyone.

Too bad that the development of the plots that concern him is destined to lead him to very different stories from those which Mr. RKO hoped were destined for him later this year. Randy Orton has been involved since January in a long and intense feud with the former tag teammate and above all a longtime friend Edge, with the relationships between the two who have been extensively eviscerated in storyline discovering the role of a mentor who the Canadian held for the youngest colleague and then gave life to very intense meetings and evaluated in a very polarized way by the critics: both the Last Man Standing Match of WrestleMania 36 and The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever of Backlash have in fact divided the opinions of fans and insiders.

However, they were functional in bringing the character of the "Legend Killer" back to life, already played by Randy Orton over 15 years ago and who is now experiencing a new youth.

News on Randy Orton

The topic has been dealt with in these hours by Alex McCarthy of 'TalkSport' and Louis Dangoor of 'WrestleTalk', both of which have received the same information.

According to what collected by the two journalists, in fact, in these months of the year, Randy Orton was expected to give rise to a rivalry with Adam Cole or Tommaso Ciampa, two of the most important names of NXT and which should have represented his opponent to 'SummerSlam'

The situation that instead will not occur, given that at the moment there is a shortage of important names among Raw's heels, and therefore we are moving towards a rivalry of a very different level: a match against Drew McIntyre with the title of WWE Champion at stake.

Could Randy Orton not want to hunt for his fourteenth overall title? Apparently yes. Because The Viper was strongly willing to live new experiences and to make his experience available to colleagues who still have to make the definitive leap in quality towards the top floors of WWE, while for the Scotsman he is afraid of proving to be just a passing opponent as already happened from April onwards to the various Big Shows, Andrade, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and how it could also happen for Dolph Ziggler.