What happened with WWE hacker storyline?

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What happened with WWE hacker storyline?

One of the most interesting storylines that had been created on Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, was undoubtedly the one that involved a mysterious hacker whose identity is still unknown after months of his first appearance in the episodes of the blue show, which appeared during the Friday night shows to reveal some secrets of the WWE hacker Superstar and then returned to mysterious ways.

The hacker's computer work had also managed to unmask the double play that Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were doing behind Mandy Rose, who eventually dumped her ex-best friend and boyfriend to jump into the arms of her current on-screen companion, Otis, during the last edition of Wrestlemania.

What happened with WWE hacker storyline?

Apparently, as revealed by the famous overseas website Ringside News, the idea behind the famous WWE hacker, was to have the lightweight wrestler of the blue show, Mustafa Ali, hidden behind the role of the computer scientist.

Already a few days after the first appearance of the mysterious hacker, in fact, several information sites and different insiders had communicated how the idea of ​​WWE was precisely to involve the talent of the blue show in this storyline.

The main problem that has put aside all the plans for this storyline, however, is to be found precisely in the desire of Mustafa Ali to change the roster. After seeing several ideas rejected by the duo Bruce Prichard - Ed Koskey, Mustafa Ali asked Vince McMahon loudly to be moved from the roster, with the work of Paul Heyman who according to Ali was much more to his liking and sensible.

Initially, however, Vince did not endorse this request, effectively moving Mustafa Ali only after Heyman's dismissal as Executive Director of the red show. McMahon's current idea of ​​the push to give Raw and Smackdown, however, would clash quite clearly with what were the initial plans for Mustafa Ali.

If initially, the hacker's storyline served as a springboard for Ali, now Vince's idea is to push only great athletes who are already established, considering the wait for an athlete to grow as a waste of time. Apparently, therefore, Mustafa Ali had passed with the best of intentions to Monday Night Raw, to be able to work serenely with Paul Heyman on his storyline, instead, it would seem that now the athlete will be permanently shelved, until the management finds other plans for him.