NXT superstar wants Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

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NXT superstar wants Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

After the revelations of a former WWE security chief who shed light on Brock Lesnar's behavior in the early years of working with WWE, it would appear that many fans and insiders have changed their mind about the professionalism of the WWE wrestler assisted by Paul Heyman, with several of his colleagues who would have seized the ball to challenge him openly in a match, even in WrestleMania.

One of these many athletes who would like to put their hands on the WWE Beast is Karrion Kross, the new talent of NXT who apparently would be ready for his very first valuable feud in the rings of the yellow show of the Wednesday night of the WWE, against the new absolute champion of the federation's third roster, Keith Lee.

Kross on Brock Lesnar

While speaking to Gorilla Position podcast, Karrion Kross expressed his desire to take on The Beast Incarnate at WrestleMania. This is something he’s obviously already considering as he makes his first big steps in NXT.

“You said WrestleMania? I would say, Brock Lesnar. The measuring stick, it depends on the context. The way you would draw up what the measuring stick looks like might be different than the way someone else does, right? For me, the measuring stick would essentially be who can draw the most into a building and who can draw the most attention.

I think that he is a guy that transcended sports entertainment. He is in mainstream entertainment. I think that figures like that in our business are pretty important. We always need new fans. We always want to create new fans. I think there are people who can engage the hardcore fans nonstop, easily, no problem, the purists I guess you can say.

Then there are people that have a mainstream entertainment appeal. I respectfully don’t know, in my opinion, if he would be the measuring stick as much as The Rock would be the measuring stick. I say that because, in terms of generating attention and interest, I think he is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

He came from here. If someone wants to emulate the absolute most success they can find in this business, I would say The Rock is the guy”. Karrion Kross is just getting started in NXT, but he’s making a lot of ground fairly quickly.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see WWE pluck Karrion Kross and Scarlett out of NXT sooner than later. They seem destined to perform on much larger stages.