Big Show talks about Kofi Kingston

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Big Show talks about Kofi Kingston

Big Show is the 24th WWE Triple Crown Champion, the thirteenth Grand Slam Champion in WWE history and the third wrestler (after Kurt Angle and Edge) to have held every male title currently active in WWE. Between WWE and WCW, Wight held 23 titles in total.

He was also the winner of WCW's annual World War 3 60-man Battle Royal in 1996 and has fought in the main event in many pay-per-views for WCW and WWF/E since the mid-1990s, including the 2000 edition of WWE's main annual event, WrestleMania.

The Big Show appeared on the latest episode of The New Day’s Feel the Power and recalled how he was certain that being in the group would ruin Kofi Kingston’s career.

Big Show on Kofi Kingston

“I have to eat my own words, so it’s okay.

Because of who’s involved, I will gladly eat my own words because I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I’ve seen Kofi come in from FCW, all the poor things Kofi Kingston went through and how he strived.

And his athleticism, his commitment to be better, his commitment to being dependable and solid. I saw him working in that championship role. He was getting there, Intercontinental Champion. Move up to Heavyweight Champion. And then there’s these two guys I don’t know.

One looked like he tipped over my bus on the way in, and ate a cow somewhere in between. And then this other guy is running around with a trombone … running around with a trombone, playing tunes and acting like he’s lost his mind.

And I’m like, ‘No!’. Because I’m thinking Three Man Band. ‘No one is going to come out well in this. This is not going to work.’ And mind you, I hadn’t seen it in front of a crowd, this is just what I saw backstage" - Big Show explained.

“So I pulled my friend Kofi discreetly to the side … Maybe it was a foot and a half to the side. But we all know how I am with business, because of the way business was taught to me, I translate business the same way.

When it’s business, you can’t beat around the bush, you can’t sugarcoat. You have to be direct. Like I told Kofi, I said, ‘You know, man you’re on your way to being a champion. Like, being a contender and getting that big title.

You don’t want to run around with these two *****. I mean, I get it, you want to do something, you’re in a lull right now. But these two ***** aren’t going to get you over. And I love you man, I just want to see what’s best for you" - he added.