WWE changes the name of Jeff Hardy's finisher again

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WWE changes the name of Jeff Hardy's finisher again

One of the storylines that is keeping WWE Universe fans on the edge of Friday Night Smackdown is the one that sees the historic "extreme brother" Jeff Hardy and the Celtic Warrior Sheamus, now feuding for several weeks, in a storyline that arose from a traffic accident that allegedly attempted to frame the younger of the Hardy brothers, accused by Sheamus of having once again driven under the influence of alcohol, going to even invest Elias outside the Orlando Performance Center.

Apparently, behind this investment, Sami Zayn could be hidden instead, as reported only a few days ago by several sources close to the WWE, with the Canadian who could thus make his sensational return to the WWE scene after a fairly long stop period due to the pandemic, which forced Sami home, for fear of working with the infected and which led WWE leadership to have to remove the Intercontinental title currently alongside AJ Styles for his prolonged absence from the blue show.

News on Jeff Hardy's signature move

During the past episodes of the blue show, Jeff Hardy used as usual one of his finisher, the Twist of Fate, (the same finisher as his brother Matt currently in the rings of the AEW), with the commentators of the federation who had however changed its name.

During an episode a few weeks ago, in fact, in the midst of a pandemic emergency, Michael Cole referred to Jeff's final move as the "Twist of Fury", sending fans in panic, as they thought Matt Hardy could have bought the rights the name of your move, thus engaging the WWE.

Asked about the various social networks, Matt Hardy said he was totally alien to the thing, denying any kind of involvement in changing the name of his brother's finisher. Apparently, after just two weeks, WWE has indeed quietly returned to calling Jeff's famous finishing move as the normal "Twist of Fate" that we all knew.

Everything nice until the last episode of the blue show, the one that aired last night, where Jeff Hardy returned to use his finisher, with Michael Cole who however referred to the move still calling it "Twist of Fury", leaving perplexed the listening fans.

The reason for this change is unclear, but it seems that WWE now uses both names to call the final move of the ex WWE Champion, with Jeff Hardy that we remember could soon leave the federation, with his contract that would be expiring and could thus reach his brother in the rings of the All Elite Wrestling.