Possibility of FOX canceling WWE SmackDown

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Possibility of FOX canceling WWE SmackDown

In the past few weeks, the television broadcaster that airs Friday Night Smackdown, or FOX, on American soil has canceled some of its programs for the poor ratings received in recent months from these broadcasts. Among the "purged" from TV, we also find a WWE program, that famous talk show with CM Punk, or WWE Backstage, which was canceled only a few days ago by the broadcaster, leaving Booker T, Renee Young, Paige temporarily and precisely the same Second City Savior, absolute protagonists of the various secondary broadcasts of the McMahon federation.

Another great program eliminated from the FOX schedules, is also the one dedicated to golf, with FOX that would have effectively eliminated any type of program related to PGA, the most important golf federation in America, with a well-known journalist who would have even revealed online, how FOX stopped paying 51 million to PGA but would have saved 42 for the transmission of these programs, which did not satisfy the executives of the broadcaster at all in terms of ratings.

FS1 dropped WWE Backstage, but could the same happen to SmackDown on the main FOX network?

Possibility of FOX canceling SmackDown

Apparently, as for WWE's second flagship program, Friday Night SmackDown, for the moment the blue show shouldn't be bothered at all, with the ratings that despite not being very high, however, fall within the thought and budget of the American TV station, which should thus continue its partnership with WWE, at least for a few more years.

According to what Anthony Crupi reported on Sportico, in fact, despite the production costs of Smackdown are very high and despite WWE receiving well 205 million dollars a year from FOX for Smackdown, the wrestling show unlike that of golf would have no downtime during the year, allowing FOX to air new material every week, including some sideshows related to WWE's blue one.

In addition, according to the overseas journalist, Smackdown also has the record of views by the most adult audience of the USA TV, which is second only to that of NXT on the USA Network. The two portions marked WWE, in fact, bring to the respective broadcasters most of the viewers of the highest age group of the United States, allowing USA Network and FOX to pocket most of the viewers of that target of ratings, which thus they could also take advantage of other products offered by them.