*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus bar fight Set for Extreme Rules

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*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus bar fight Set for Extreme Rules

During the last episode of SmackDown, aired last night by the Orlando Performance Center, a new particular match was announced which will take place at the next PPV, or "The Horror Show at Extreme Rules" The episode opened with The Miz and his friend John Morrison who hosted Jeff Hardy at Miz TV.

The two predictably started making fun of the Charismatic Enigma for its past problems and repeatedly recalled the ongoing rivalry between the more extreme brother of Hardy Boyz and the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. At the end of the interview Mizanin, therefore, had a great idea, saying that Sheamus and Jeff could face off in a Bar Fight match during the next PPV.

The Charismatic Enigma sensed that the whole thing was actually designed by the Celtic Warrior himself, probably having previously agreed with the two presenters, but decided to accept the challenge anyway. Jeff will, therefore, fight in a bar and this should symbolically mean that he is facing his demons and, in this case, in particular his past problems with alcohol.

“The Horror Show” at Extreme Rules added another match

The 'The Horror Show' storyline involving Sheamus and Jeff Hardy is one of the most controversial and discussed of the last period in WWE. It all started when Jeff, a semifinalist in the tournament for the Intercontinental Title, was involved in an accident near the Performance Center together with another of the semifinalists, namely poor Elias.

Initially, it seemed that Hardy, under the influence of who knows what substances, had invested the guitarist and had therefore been arrested. This event had immediately made a lot of discussions, given the real problems related to the alcohol and drug abuse of the athlete and WWE, he had therefore decided to tell us a different story.

In the following weeks, it was discovered that Jeff had passed the toxicological tests without problems and the whole thing had most likely been a whole plan devised by Sheamus, convinced that Hardy could not completely defeat his demons and eager to take his place in the tournament.

Sheamus, defeated in the semifinal thanks to an intervention by the Charismatic Enigma, continued to make fun of Jeff for weeks and tried several times to "take him to the dark side" by offering him drinks in every possible way.

Hardy, however, has always refused and this clash in a bar scheduled for Extreme Rules seems the best way to end this fight between an ex-alcoholic and his demons who now seems to have left behind. Extreme Rules takes place July 19th on WWE Network.