Drew McIntyre explains how he played a big part in Heath Slater’s return

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Drew McIntyre explains how he played a big part in Heath Slater’s return

In 2007, Drew McIntyre moved to the United States to sign a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which sent him to the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) development territory. In 2009 he made his debut on the main roster of the federation and remained there until 2014; after two years in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), he returned to WWE in 2017.

In Vince McMahon's federation, he won once the WWE Championship, once the Intercontinental Championship, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship (once with Cody Rhodes, when the title was known as WWE Tag Team Championship, and once with Dolph Ziggler) and the 2020 edition of the Royal Rumble match; when he played in the NXT development territory, he once held the NXT Championship; he is also the 31st Triple Crown Champion.

In TNA, however, he once conquered the World Heavyweight Championship and once the Grand Championship, in addition to the 2016 edition of the Feast or Fired. In an interview with talkSPORT, Drew McIntyre discussed how he played a big part in Heath Slater returning to WWE.

McIntyre on Heath Slater

“The moment in the end was very special and I was very much pushing for that idea to happen. I think I saw something on the internet saying I was behind it and I’m thinking how are they getting this information?!

But yeah, I played a big part in making it happen and to be honest, Heath was a little bit against it and I spoke to my wife right before the phone call I made to Heath Slater to try and convince him to come onto the show for the segment.

She reminded me how I felt at the time when I was released and sure enough, he felt the same. He appreciated the opportunity with WWE, it was where he had made his name, but mentally he has moved on. He’s ready for the next stage and he’s not sure about going backwards, so I made it clear to him like ‘trust me, this isn’t going to be like anything you’ve done" - Drew McIntyre said.

“It really helped mine and Dolph’s storyline. I know, obviously, I’m supposed to be a top good guy so it’s not ideal in a lot of eyes to put it out there that I’ve been a bad friend. But, the way I look at it with my character is, especially given the environment we’re in, we can tell a more complex story.

In an arena, I’d have been booed to pieces for being such a terrible friend, but in this environment, I think it’s important to show my character is flawed because I am. Like [John] Cena is Superman and Roman can be bulletproof a lot of the time, but I think Drew McIntyre is Drew Galloway" - he added.