Lacey Evans turns heel

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Lacey Evans turns heel

In recent months, Lacey Evans has fought in the ranks of the babyfaces in the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, also going to embark on an interesting feud with the two friends of the heart, currently WWE women's category tag team champions: Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Although her assault on the Smackdown champion title was not successful, Lacey Evans has always remained alongside the public of the WWE Universe, who in recent months has always supported her as one of the best faces of the Friday night show WWE.

Lacey Evans turns heel

Apparently, however, the former US military athlete, in the last episode of Smackdown would not be behaving just like a "good girl" would do in the rings of the McMahon federation, going to attack Naomi in a rather irritating way after the karaoke segment, a sign that something could soon change in the girl's character.

After years in the ranks of the heels, with Lacey Evans who had also done a great job at NXT in this sense and on the main roster to be hated, in her debut on the important rings of the WWE, the athlete had however briefly passed among the ranks of the face only a few months ago.

At the moment, however, it is not certain whether the episode of the last episode of Smackdown was only a coincidence or if the segment was the fuse that triggered her turn heel, it will be necessary to see how the beautiful will behave Smackdown blonde in the near future.

Although Lacey Evans attacked Naomi first and then also had some altercations with Dana Brooke, WWE's future plans are not known at the moment. In fact, no internal source or a site in the sector has yet released anything on the matter, leaving the attitude of the beautiful Lacey Evans in a limbo that is still quite mysterious.

She could soon return to her "dark side", as we learned to know her. in the WWE rings already several years ago. Evans wrestled in a dress and the match was eventually called off when Dana Brooke got involved. Prior to that, they were talking to Lacey like they wanted to know what had gotten into her.

We’ll have to see what the future has in store for Lacey Evans. Her character saw some evolution this week, but it didn’t involve adding another layer to her good girl character. Instead, it appears the heel side of the Lady Of WWE has returned.