WWE took intentional shot at Cody

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WWE took intentional shot at Cody

As you could see in the karaoke corner of the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Naomi won the singing contest against the other colleagues before being attacked by Lacey Evans, singing the entrance music of the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, which for years has resonated in arenas around the world while the late wrestler was still alive.

Apparently, this choice was not decidedly at random, with WWE having wanted to send a very clear message to the TNT champion of the All Elite Wrestling, Cody, who since he landed in the second American company in the middle of the war with WWE, could no longer use even the surname of Rhodes because it was owned by the McMahon company.

WWE took an intentional shot at Cody

According to reports from several online sources, first of all, Ringside News, WWE would have chosen to air the "Common Man" entry music of the federation's legendary Hall of Famer, to send a clear message to the younger son Cody, currently engaged in AEW, which already in the recent past had tried to blow some very important brands to WWE.

In recent years, in fact, there has been a half-war between the Rhodes family and the McMahons, with the latter who wanted and apparently would still like to take possession of all that remains of the memory of Dusty Rhodes, at all costs.

Already in the past few weeks, Cody had tried in vain to register some old PPW marks of the WCW, which his father had helped to make famous, but which apparently are still owned by the McMahons. The intent of WWE in the last episode of the blue show, therefore, would seem to have been a moral slap to Cody, with the use of the historical song of the father, which still remains owned by WWE, with the latter making everything to continue highlighting it.

Cody recently stated that it’s strictly business when it comes to him wanting his last name, but WWE sees value in keeping it even though he’s no longer under their roof. This dig at Rhodes was not on accident at all.

When speaking to a source in the company, We interjected how “conspiracy theorists” are going to love this. We said that they are immediately going to think that this way a dig at Cody Rhodes.