Bruce Prichard is under immense pressure in WWE

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Bruce Prichard is under immense pressure in WWE

In the last few weeks, in WWE, there has been a fairly drastic change, which would have seen Paul Heyman be ousted from the role of Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, which he initially played together with his Smackdown counterpart Eric Bischoff, before the latter was fired from Vince McMahon, with the Mad genius who eventually made the same ending as his colleague on the blue show, remaining currently hired as the only manager of Brock Lesnar on-screen.

To replace Heyman in one of the most prestigious roles of the backstage of the federation of Stamford, it was the famous Bruce Prichard, writing talent who worked for several years in WWE and other very important federations in the world of pro-wrestling, who returned at the end to the stables of McMahon only a short time ago.

One year later Bruce Prichard officially rejoined WWE as part of their creative team and now he serves as the Executive Director both Raw and SmackDown.

Bruce Prichard is under immense pressure in WWE

Thompson discussed the podcast helping pave Bruce Prichard's path back to WWE when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I don't know what I'm more proud of – the idea that he's back as a 'power broker' for WWE, those are my words not his as no matter how you slice it, because of his position he is one of the most powerful people in wrestling now.

The idea that all came in motion again and became a possibility again because of a silly podcast and an idea that I was involved in is pretty remarkable," said Thompson. "The only thing that can come close is the idea that Tony Schiavone – and everybody knows the story as he was calling minor league baseball and even had a part-time gig at Starbucks – is now back calling live wrestling on TNT again.

That's what's been the most rewarding thing for me – certainly, I enjoy working with Westwood One and I enjoy the payday as they say and I've had fun with Starrcast and it's been fun to hang with legends and meet your heroes – all of that is true.

But at the end of the day, the idea that two guys who once absolutely loved pro wrestling to the point that they dedicated their lives to it and traveled the world 10 times and back, but then they felt that wrestling didn't love them back and wrestling turned its back on them.

They had to find a new way to reinvent themselves. For them to feel the redemption of being able to go back and have more fun than ever and make more money than ever and really realize that and to know that I had even a small part in that is the coolest thing in the entire experience. If the podcasts came to an end tomorrow, I could hang my hat high just based on those two."