Edge comments on returning at the Royal Rumble

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Edge comments on returning at the Royal Rumble

On January 26, at Royal Rumble, Edge made his return to the ring after nine years participating in the match of the same name entering with the number 21 but was eliminated by Roman Reigns after making three eliminations.

The following evening, in Raw, he announced that he wanted to continue his career, and shortly after he was joined by Randy Orton (his ex-partner in Rated-RKO); and after proposing to meet him, Orton hit him with an RKO, then attacked him repeatedly with two chairs, injuring him (kayfabe).

Edge then returned to Raw's March 9 episode by attacking Montel Vontavious Porter, who had insulted him while the two were in the ring, and shortly thereafter also Randy Orton with an RKO, taking revenge. On March 26, on the second evening of WrestleMania 36, ​​Edge defeated Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match.

On June 14, in Backlash, Edge was defeated by Randy Orton in a very long match, called "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" Subsequently, Edge suffered a triceps injury during the bout, having to stay out of the scene for six to eight months.

Edge on returning at the Royal Rumble

In a long interview with Sports Illustrated, Edge discussed returning at the Royal Rumble: “I can truly say that was the first day in my wrestling career when I was nervous. Even before my first match way back in WWF in ’96, I wasn’t nervous.

I felt ready, I was confident, I was young and indestructible. This was the first time that I’ve wrestled having had kids. I think that was the big thing for me. I’m coming back from this injury that was supposed to be impossible to come back from, so that was on the table.

And I have kids at home now. There are a lot of responsibilities involved in this, so that was really nerve-wracking, and that was foreign to me. I wasn’t used to feeling nervous. Going back to Jay, that was the first time he’d seen me nervous.

Beth [Phoenix, my wife,] and I weren’t together before when I wrestled, so she didn’t know what I was like. Jay knew I didn’t get nervous. So when I was nervous, that changed everything for him. Even the hiding and all that, the strangest thing for me was coming to grips with having nerves for the first time.

I can’t say I really liked it, and I’ve had them for all three matches now. I better quickly come to grips with it [laughs]”.