Backstage reports on Vanessa Borne

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Backstage reports on Vanessa Borne

In these initial months of 2020, WWE has used many, if not all, of NXT's talents on the main roster. These are those who bring it to work in the truest sense of the word in the rings of Raw and Smackdown and those who instead use it simply "publicly", because of a fault, on account of the limitations deriving from the pandemic still ongoing, which has largely canceled several plans of the McMahon federation, including live events and live shows including paying public in the hall.

After having made several important athletes debut in the rings of Smackdown and Raw, including Matt Riddle, Austin Theory (although at the moment he seems to have disappeared from Raw for unspecified causes), Angel Garza and Bianca Belair.

Apparently, in addition to these athletes that we have seen in the main roster for even two or three appearances, there is an athlete who would have been called in the main WWE brand, without ever making his debut, with the problems related to the world virus who probably had all the plans WWE had in store for you.

Together with Riddick Moss, whom we saw having a short feud with Mojo Rawley and then with R-Truth, with the athlete who had even won the 24/7 Championship right from the hands of his ex-friend Rawley in the Raw rings, Vanessa Borne had also been "drafted" to Raw.

Borne, who has been in a contract with WWE for four years, had in fact been moved by the WWE leadership to the main roster, with the intention of using the girl in some important storyline of the female category of Raw's red roster.

Backstage reports on Vanessa Borne

Currently, however, unlike Moss, the athlete has not even made her debut in the rings of the main roster, remaining at home for all this time since January, not even working on NXT, just as happened after the short parenthesis of the ex 24/7 Champion of Raw.

Apparently NXT star Vanessa Borne was also called up to the main roster early in the year but has yet to be used on television, according to a report from Fightful Select. This would explain why she has been absent from NXT television for the majority of 2020.

While waiting to make her debut, Borne reportedly moved out of Florida but is flying back regularly to stay involved with WWE. It is said to be a situation similar to Riddick Moss, who was promoted to the main roster upon signing a new deal with the company.