Rumors on Roman Reigns' WWE return

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Rumors on Roman Reigns' WWE return

Since the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown before Wrestlemania 36, a great face of the top of the WWE roster is no longer shown on the federation television screens, we are obviously talking about the former WWE Champion Roman Reigns, who decided of his own free will to stay home after the emergence of the first dangers related to the pandemic virus, which could thus have affected him and his family, in a very delicate moment for them.

From a blank point of view, WWE management had to do without its Big Dog, just in view of its victory in Wrestlemania against Bill Goldberg, with the Universal Smackdown title up for grabs, which was eventually awarded to Braun Strowman, who thus replaced the WWE Mastiff as an absolute champion of the blue brand.

News on Roman Reigns

Apparently, according to the latest news from the well-known American site, Ringside News, Roman Reigns should remain away from WWE TV screens for at least a few more months. According to journalists of the famous overseas site, in fact, Reigns has not been taken in the slightest consideration even for the company's next Big Four, Summerslam, with the management that would be convinced by now that it cannot reuse its talent for a long time.'

Despite the long absence that has now reached its third month ended on WWE TV screens, it would seem that no one within the WWE crew has hatred towards Reigns for his choice, not even Chairman Vince McMahon. As reported in the past few months, initially it seemed that Vince was a little angry with Reigns for the decision to leave the WWE rings, even if only momentarily.

In several situations, in fact, Roman Reigns had been literally erased from WWE clips and history, as only with CM Punk and Chris Benoit he had done so far in WWE. Despite these little skirmishes that then resolved on their own, it seems that the sun has returned to shine on the relationship between Roman Reigns and WWE (especially Vince McMahon), with the Big Dog likely to stay at home until a definitive solution is found to the problem of the virus and therefore a vaccine or the death of the pandemic itself, for which it could take even another whole year if not more.

You can never count out Vince McMahon from pulling off a huge surprise where only a handful of people are made aware of an unexpected moment. It still isn’t a great idea to place too much on hopes that Roman Reigns will return at SummerSlam.