Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy is not yet official

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Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy is not yet official

There is one of the matches that should form the Extreme Rules card which is still far from certain. And behind it there would be the reasons no less than one of the two protagonists. We are talking about Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus, who has been spoken of as two protagonists of the next PPV which will take place on July 19th.

During the last episode of SmackDown, in fact, The Miz raised the idea that the Celtic Warrior could face his rival in a Bar Fight and Jeff Hardy has basically accepted. In the meantime, however, WWE has not added the match to the official card of the event, and the reason would be Sheamus.

According to what Steve Carrier of 'Ringside News' discovered, WWE is "waiting for Sheamus" before making the meeting official, as if to underline that the Irishman has not yet approved the company's plans.

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules

Sheamus, who for years has played a ruthless character at the limits of the bully, is in fact notoriously a person who has a heart of gold in everyday life, and the feeling is that he does not want to be associated with a dispute that highlights the problems real of his opponent.

Moreover, Sheamus himself has recently complained about this. "Many people have manifested all their hatred to me. People often don't understand that in the end, we are characters. My job is to be the most hated character ever.

I thrive in that situation - he explained to the podcast 'After the Bell '- The current context is offering me a great opportunity to deepen this aspect. When I returned to WWE, I had two goals: to recover 100% of my physical fitness, even though a strict diet, and to solve my gaps in the promos.

In the past two months, I feel I am in a completely different world. I am enjoying the things with Jeff since it gave my character the opportunity to play a lot with words. I really like it, just watch the reactions of the fans, especially on social media.

The more people hate me, the more I enjoy attacking Jeff Hardy", the former member of The Bar explained. The SmackDown Superstar revealed he has been enjoying working with Jeff Hardy. This is primarily because it has allowed his character to “play with words”.

Sheamus explained he enjoyed watching the reaction to his promos, especially on social media. He added how the more people hate him, the more he enjoys “sticking a knife” into Jeff Hardy to further their feud.