Karrion Kross’ NXT Tease and Comments on Lucha Underground

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Karrion Kross’ NXT Tease and Comments on Lucha Underground

Karrion Kross is a very well-known WWE NXT superstar. He was previously known as Killer Kross and was famous on the indie circuit. WWE almost immediately signed him after he was released by Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling was where Killer Kross made a huge name for himself.

He fought some of the best wrestlers that Impact Wrestling had at the time. He gave an interview to Digital Spy recently. He spoke about his character and how he believes that his current character is an expansion of his old character, that his fans are used to seeing.

Karrion Kross’ NXT Tease

"I think that people are getting what they've always enjoyed out of me in a bigger and better way," Kross added. Kross is one of the few WWE wrestlers that worked for various indie wrestling promotions before he joined WWE.

before joining Impact Wrestling, he also wrestled for Lucha Underground. Lunch Underground was a very well-known indie wrestling promotion. They have been struggling a lot ever since the pandemic started. Kross believes that Luch was ahead of its time.

"One of the key people on that show was former WWE and it's really interesting. I think that the things that we did manifest into multiple different directions," he said. "I was very happy, very proud to be a part of that.

I learned a lot from being in that realm." Kross revealed that he is interested in having a cinematic style match in NXT one day. He already has a few ideas that would work very well for his character. He also stated that we might see him perform in a cinematic style match before the end of 2020.

"I have a couple in mind," Kross teased. "And I have a feeling that we may see one before the end of the year." Kross will fight the NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion Keith Lee soon. It will most likely take place during a Takeover event.

Karrion Kross headlined a few professional wrestling news channels. It all started when he asked Impact Wrestling to release him about a year ago. That story became very popular. He apparently had creative differences with the company and he just wanted to move on. Many people believed that Kross will join AEW, but WWE was the promotion that he joined.