Rey Mysterio is still getting paid

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Rey Mysterio is still getting paid

Vince McMahon has always been a Chairman with great confidence in people, and in particular in WWE wrestlers. Sometimes his attitude has also caused him damage or otherwise sensational implications: for example a few decades ago Rick Rude appeared in the same week at both Monday Night Raw and Nitro.

Paradoxically, such a situation could also occur now with Rey Mysterio. The San Diego veteran, one of the legends of the Vince McMahon federation, currently works in Stamford without a WWE contract. The contract actually expired a month ago, but at the moment the parties have not renewed the contract and Mr.

619 is working on a token. According to what the Wrestling Observer reports, Vince McMahon trusts Rey Mysterio a lot and knows that he would do nothing to damage him. Theoretically, the wrestler could have presented himself without problems at AEW Dynamite or Impact's Slammiversary, and WWE could have done nothing.

Such confidence is considerable, also because the passage of Rey Mysterio to another federation would be great damage for the company of Stamford. WWE Chairman trusts Rey and is currently using him in the storyline against Seth Rollins without a fixed contract.

Update on Rey Mysterio

The relationship between Vince McMahon and Rey Mysterio is excellent, but at the same time, the Chairman probably has an ace up his sleeve, which is Dominick's future in WWE. According to several American sources, Rey considers WWE the best choice for his son and for this reason the wrestler would not be inclined to move to AEW or any other federation.

In a few days, there will be the "Eye For An Eye" meeting between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio and surely there will be more clarifications on the future of the Mexican-born wrestler in WWE. During this meeting, there may be an intervention or in any case an important role for Dominick, in the last few weeks more and more present in the backstage of Monday Night Raw.

Rey Mysterio, after the serious injury suffered recently by Monday Night Messiah, will finally have the opportunity to take revenge and once again show the world its value. There are a lot of reasons why Rey Mysterio would want to work something out with WWE.

His son’s career is a big reason for sticking around. Although he’s not working under a current contract, he’s still getting paid. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Mysterio’s contract is simply carrying over to this current time where he has no contract.