WWE’s SummerSlam plans for Edge revealed

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WWE’s SummerSlam plans for Edge revealed

One of the protagonists of Monday Night Raw of the last period was undoubtedly the returning Edge, the Rated R Superstar who in January made his sensational return to the WWE rings in the annual Royal Rumble, literally leaving his shocked and amazed fans and the whole world of pro-wrestling in general, after almost 10 years of forced stop due to a very serious backbone injury.

After making his fans cry for joy for his return, Edge immediately started a brutal feud with his ex-brotherly friend Randy Orton, after the latter attacked the same Canadian live on Raw, just before the global pandemic. WWE’s plans for SummerSlam are coming together backstage because they have to make those plans before it is too late.

One big match needed to be scrapped for the biggest party of the summer that would have seen a big blow-off.

News on Edge

Apparently, according to the well-known overseas website Ringside News, the WWE management had already foreseen another great match between the rated R Superstar and the Legend Killer also for this year's edition of Summerslam, with a disputed by the special stipulation that it should have been the icing on the cake of their feud and that they should have thus written the word "end" on their feud.

After injuring his triceps, however, Edge will no longer be able to take part in the match already designated for him at the summer Big Four, which by the way was the only long-term plan that WWE had already prepared for SummerSlam, with the federation that ultimately decided to divert those plans towards a Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton for the WWE title.

Obviously there is still nothing official in what we are writing to you, but the rumors of the last few days insist with such rumors, with Orton who most likely should go on to win the absolute title of Monday Night Raw against champion Drew McIntyre and with Edge who should thus go to challenge Orton for the title, once he returns to the scene, or to the Royal Rumble 2021 or to Wrestlemania 37.

Randy Orton will wrestle Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title at SummerSlam. Edge and Randy Orton’s story is not over, but their third match is not happening at SummerSlam as originally planned. Ringside News has learned that Edge and Randy Orton were going to conclude their program at SummerSlam. Additionally, we were told there was a time when “that was the only thing solidified” on the card.