Mike Kanellis celebrates a big milestone

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Mike Kanellis celebrates a big milestone

Many of the wrestlers who have trod the WWE rings, as well as other great stages of the world of pro-wrestling such as the ECW, the WCW, Impact Wrestling and whoever has more than one, have unfortunately fallen in front of a career monster that does not discount anyone: alcohol abuse.

Among the most common "drugs" used by some wrestlers, (and not only), alcohol is, in fact, the psychotropic substance more easily accessible by any adult human being, which for wrestlers also becomes a dangerous "painkiller" for the life of every day.

During the course of their careers, many wrestlers have fallen by the temptation to entrust their problems to alcohol, such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and many others. Fortunately, all of the wrestlers mentioned were able to repel their problems to the sender, including Mike Kanellis, also known as Mike Bennett (his real name) on the independent circuit, released by WWE just a few months ago together with his wife Maria.

Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis were released from WWE on April 15th.

Mike Kanellis celebrates a big milestone

They are about to reach the end of their non-compete clauses with WWE. Mike Kanellis has another event to celebrate because he is now 3 years sober.

Mike Bennett released an IG message explaining to fans what kind of big deal it was for him to reach that 3-year mark. "3 Years Sober. Three years ago I had two choices: Stay on the path I was on and lose everything or take accountability and get clean.

I’m so incredibly thankful I chose the latter. Life is difficult, life is painful, life is messy. But life is also incredibly beautiful." Hopefully, Mike Bennett can remain strong and sober. His body went through an absolute transformation since he got clean and started gaining a chiseled physique.

We also remember that from the union of Mike and Maria Kanellis, two beautiful children were born, who appear in the photos posted by the same former WWE wrestler, with his mother Maria, who also appeared on WWE TV screens with a big belly, becoming the very first 24/7 pregnant champion in the history of the federation to win a McMahon belt, before her husband tore the title from her hips.

We’ll have to see what Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis end up next, but Mike will be clean and sober wherever they go.