WWE spoils stipulation for Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler?

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WWE spoils stipulation for Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler?

One of the most anticipated matches to be held in a few days at Extreme Rules is undoubtedly the meeting for the WWE Championship between the ex partners Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. As colleagues from Wrestlingnews.co report, WWE may have accidentally revealed the conclusion of the meeting in the next PPV.

In recent weeks The Scottish Psychopath has allowed the opponent to be able to choose the stipulation of the match, but to date, a few days after Extreme Rules, there was no information about it. Vince McMahon's Federation often publishes PPV promotions/Ads on Facebook and one of these promos may, by mistake, have announced which match will take place during the Horror Show.

Rumors on McIntyre vs. Ziggler

If this indication were true, WWE may have spoiled the surprise regarding the meeting for the WWE Championship. This announcement reveals: "The match for the WWE Championship will be fantastic.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will face Dolph Ziggler in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, a meeting with the use of tables, stairs and chairs for the title." Actually in the past few weeks both Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have said that stipulation of their match has never been used in the federation of Vince McMahon and consequently, this suggests that this Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match can be integrated by other unknown and particular rules of the Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

There is a lot of curiosity for this meeting that will once again see the current WWE Champion defend his title. At Extreme Rules is not the only match of great interest, given that there will be a match valid for the WWE Raw's Women Championship between the champion Asuka and Sasha Banks.

In addition to this, United States champion Apollo Crews will have to defend the title against MVP. There is also a chance this is an old poster, as if the stipulation is meant to be a secret, why make promotional material for it? They could have intended for this to be a TLC match, but once the show morphed into “The Horror Show”, they might have picked something more morbid for the show.

TLC is extreme, but there are more extreme options available. Atleast no one is likely to lose an eyeball in this one. We could also see the rules of the match indicate that only Dolph can use these weapons, while Drew simply has to rely on his power and wrestling ability to beat him. This would give Dolph an advantage to make this a fair fight.