Update on Shayna Baszler's WWE future

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Update on Shayna Baszler's WWE future

As widely seen in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, so if you have not seen the episode and do not want spoilers, please do not continue reading, Shayna Baszler has made her long-awaited return to WWE scenes, after several weeks of absence, or since his last match against Becky Lynch, valid for the female title of Raw at Wrestlemania 36.

After the daring feud with the Irishman of Raw, who had to give her title to the Japanese Asuka because of her pregnancy announcement, immediately after the Showcase of the Immortals, Shayna Baszler had in fact disappeared from the radar of the McMahon Federation, for reappear only tonight, on Monday Night Raw, with a promo with which she warned all her colleagues to be careful.

In the last period, the thoughts of the WWE Chairman, who apparently did not particularly like the fighting style of Ronda Rousey's friend, had been reported by us at WorldWrestling, with the same Vince who had in fact decided to put the athlete leaves momentarily, no longer making her appear in the Raw rings after the departure of Paul Heyman from the head of the creative team of the red show.

News on Shayna Baszler

Apparently, as reported by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, through the mouth of the usual Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon would have now changed her mind, proposing the former champion of the yellow roster once again in an angle of Raw, this time, however, with some news.

The promo made by Shayna Baszler during the last episode of Raw, in fact, was just a warning that the company wanted to give to fans and professionals. According to what Meltzer reported, in fact, the "dose of reality" that Baszler wants to give to the roster is the same reality that would be hidden behind the writers who are behind the athletes, who now according to Vince McMahon are "real writers" and so no longer Paul Heyman.

As reported by Meltzer in the latest edition of the Observer's daily newsletter, in fact: "She was a Paul Heyman project before Vince kicked her out of the TV and then instead dropped it and you know what? Now she's back with real writers.

It's a huge difference." According to what was ironically stated by the Observer journalist, Vince McMahon would only have proposed the plans for Baszler in a different way, launching a free arrow also to Mad Genius, which according to McMahon would be the main responsible for the failure to take off Raw's ratings, although apparently none of this is to be found in the work of the manager of Brock Lesnar.