Ric Flair could get physical in WWE angle

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Ric Flair could get physical in WWE angle

Despite being 71 years old, Ric Flair still seems to have a lot of energy and The Nature Boy could once again take part in an interesting angle on Monday Night Raw. We have known for a long time the stainless bond between Ric Flair and Randy Orton, the two have a very strong relationship but in the future there may be sensational scenarios regarding their adventure in WWE.

The latest episode of Raw has revealed interesting and at the same time "disturbing" scenarios for one of the greatest legends of WWE. After winning the match against Edge at Backlash, Randy Orton seems to have returned to Legend Killer gimmick and the latest indications lead to think that Ric Flair may become another of The Viper's victims.

Rumors on Ric Flair

During Wrestling Observer Radio, the journalist Bryan Alvarez gave further indications on how this sensational storyline could evolve. According to Alvarez, WWE is clearly pursuing an angle where Randy Orton will attack Ric Flair heavily at some point.

It seems that sooner or later this incredible twist will happen. By now Ric Flair may no longer be "off limit" for Orton, who this week stressed that Ric Flair is a "family" for him and it would be a shame if The Nature Boy were to end their relationship badly.

A cryptic message that can go in a sensational direction. Especially considering that similar words were reserved for Edge in the launch promotions of Mister RKO's previous rivalry. Given the more than acceptable physical conditions after the health problems of the past years, Ric Flair could still take part in a physical confrontation in WWE and Randy Orton with an attack on the mentor and friend could become an even bigger Heel.

In the coming weeks the situation may change, but for Ric Flair sensational scenarios are opening in WWE. Ric Flair recently reported a temporary farewell to WWE due to numerous positive virus tests. The 71-year-old Nature Boy father of Charlotte Flair has already had serious health problems in recent years and could not afford to get sick with this virus at all.

The situation has apparently changed and Ric Flair has returned to being part of the Vince McMahon federation shows. Ric Flair would probably be all about getting physical on television and Randy Orton could use the extra heel heat.

The Nature Boy previously made a comment about how going to the WWE Performance Center is safer than going to the grocery store, but at least The Viper isn’t around ready to pounce when Flair is shopping.