Charlotte Flair reality show shooting soon

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Charlotte Flair reality show shooting soon

After suffering an on-screen injury at the hands of Nia Jax who would have forced her to stay out of the scene, despite the fact that everything is only the result of a storyline to justify the imminent absence of the former NXT champion Charlotte Flair, the Nature Boy's daughter seems to have already found commitments outside the WWE scene, going to deal with her first reality show after the start of her wrestler career.

After announcing on her social pages that she has to undergo a surgery to fix some serious personal problems, the former WWE multiple champion seems not to want to stay still for a second, going now to engage with a new related project on TV, which he had never played before.

Big update on Charlotte Flair

As reported in the last few hours by the Wrestling Observer, through her always ready Dave Meltzer, Charlotte Flair should remain far from the WWE rings for a little longer than initially expected, with the return of the daughter of the Nature Boy who had been anticipated for Summerslam and who has now been almost averted, due to the physical problems that the athlete is going through.

Furthermore, according to Meltzer, the first episodes of the reality show dedicated to the WWE Queen should also begin to be recorded, which at the moment it is not known from whom they will be broadcast, from which network, or who gave life to the project.

Thus, the return to the scene of WWE for the former NXT champion, Raw and Smackdown, with her most avid fans who will have to wait a few more months, before being able to virtually embrace even their Charlotte Flair, seems to be further away for the moment, which can still be seen in this reality show, when we know something more about when it will start and who will broadcast it on TV.

It was noted that Flair has a reality television show in the pipeline and shooting for that show is apparently set to begin soon. We are unclear what network is behind Flair’s reality television show or how close they are to making a deal.

It is apparently coming and it could keep Flair out of the ring even longer. The former Women’s Champion was written off TV through a storyline attack from Nia Jax. Flair has mentioned that she doesn’t expect to be out for long, but as revealed earlier, it all comes down to the planning of her reported TV show and her recovery from surgery.