Vince McMahon has reportedly lost interest in Drew McIntyre

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Vince McMahon has reportedly lost interest in Drew McIntyre

Vince McMahon, in addition to being the Chairman of WWE, is known for being a rather extravagant personality. Not everyone knows that the owner of the Stamford federation has a "hidden" passion for the top wrestlers of the federation to have a fairly heavy physique.

In the course of his podcast, the ex WWE wrestler Arn Anderson has in fact revealed this curiosity that particularly affects the relationship in the backstage between Vince and the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. According to Arn Anderson, the wrestler at the beginning of his adventure in the federation was a priority for Vince McMahon, so much so that the latter defined the Scottish Psychopath as "The Chosen One" or the Chosen One.

With the passage of time the situation around Drew has changed significantly, the athlete, probably for personal reasons, has completely changed his physical constitution and has not remained in the main preferences of the WWE Chairman.

Here are the words specifically during the podcast: "He saw something in Drew that he really liked. He named him the Chosen One. I think that was a shoot at that time. I think he looked at Drew and said, here is a young guy I’m going to go all the way with.

I said this before and I know it sounds crazy, but Drew got too lean. I know that he knew Vince liked body guys and everything but Drew went through a period where he got so lean that it actually a detraction from his look because he is a big tall guy.

He got so ripped and he looked like a guy that was fixing to get into an amateur bodybuilding content. I think that hurt him in as much as anything else. But, I think Vince truly chose him as being one of the next big stars. When he got so ripped and stuff it just took away from him and I think he had some issues outside of the ring as far as his personal life and at that particular time, it snowballed altogether."

Drew McIntyre and his current run in WWE

Currently Drew McIntyre is WWE Champion, recently celebrated 100 consecutive days with this title and at Extreme Rules he will defend the WWE Championship against ex-friend Dolph Ziggler.

The two will face off in a match whose stipulation is uncertain, but, due to an error, the conclusion of the match may have been spoiled and it would be a "Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match." In this case, given that it would be a match already played in the past in the WWE (the two athletes said that the stipulation was a real novelty for the WWE), it seems plausible that in the Horror Show a Extreme Rules there could be incredible new rules. WWE CEO Vince McMahon's preference for heavily built guys to be the top face of the company is hidden.