Maria Kanellis on Her WWE Career and Future

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Maria Kanellis on Her WWE Career and Future

Maria Kanellis is a famous former WWE superstar, and she spoke about her WWE career and her future. Maria is not a new star. Her most recent run in the WWE was far from ideal. However, Maria has worked for WWE in the past. She was even put in a storyline with John Cena, back when Cena was the face of the company and was the most famous WWE superstar in the world.

During this run, she spent most of her time with her husband, Mike Kanellis. The pair wrestled and appeared on 205 Live, before being called to the main roster. Mike Kanellis could never really find his footing in the WWE and the couple was released a few months ago.

Maria Kanellis on her WWE Career

Maria spoke about her 24/7 title win in the WWE. During a Q and A, she stated that winning the title was the best and worst part of her WWE career. She stated that she should have kept the title until she gave birth.

She won the title in July of 2019 and was pregnant at that time. "I would have kept that title on me until I gave birth," Kanellis tweeted. Maria also revealed that she doesn’t miss wrestling. It is true that Maria was never a very talented in-ring wrestler.

She relied mainly on her looks and her ability to annoy the hell out of others around her (the crowd). She even worked for Impact Wrestling from 2016 to 2017. She was a heel wrestler there and even won the TNA Knockouts title while she was there.

She revealed that she may return to Impact Wrestling in the near future. However, since she doesn’t miss wrestling, we may never see her in the ring again. Maria and her husband are also probably not the best free agents, and promotions might not even be interested in signing them.

All Elite Wrestling is one of the only other promotions that can be a good option for her. The problem is, AEW is not really interested in hiring every single wrestler that gets released by WWE. That is the reason why the AEW might not consider taking her and her husband on board anytime soon.

Maria Kanellis has also worked for Ring of Honor in the past, and that can be another option for her, even though the company is not doing that well.