Backstage news on WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 37

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Backstage news on WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 37

WrestleMania 36, as we know, was not held in Tampa as originally planned but in the closed of the Performance Center after the many problems that the global pandemic has created, without sparing the United States. All this, however, could generate an important domino effect destined to have consequences also on 2021.

So much so that WrestleMania 37, already announced for some time and that it should have been held in Inglewood in California (not far from Los Angeles), could in turn change its location. And the Hollywood theme would also be abandoned.

The delicate topic was addressed by Steve Carrier, founder of 'Ringside News' who came into possession of information according to which in WWE they would have convinced themselves of the need to immediately recover the WrestleMania of Tampa, which then would be held in 2021 by sliding that of Hollywood to 2022.

Rumors on WrestleMania 37

This decision is not connected to health reasons, as someone might think, but to economic ones. According to what Carrier discovered, in fact, WWE has in recent years created a sort of axis with the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

WrestleMania 37 would have been substantially "promised" to the latter, which would be held in the same Tampa location where this year's one should have been held. And an internal WWE source would have explained to 'Ringside News' that this choice arises from the need to "keep keeping DeSantis in your breast pocket"

There are therefore economic but also political reasons behind the agreement between WWE and Florida (the same source suggests that the state has allowed WWE not to interrupt the transmissions because "essential business to the country" in exchange for obtaining government funding of almost 18 million dollars from Linda McMahon, who we know is part of the Trump government, after she was even elected Director of the United States Small Business Agency.

For these reasons, it is important for WWE to maintain good relations with Florida, and this could have consequences for California and even Los Angeles, which could even lose a WrestleMania a few months after its organization.

"WrestleMania 37/Los Angeles update: WWE is still very much planning to run the event as scheduled. However, they don’t want this determination looming. Heard internally WWE would like a decision by mid December from the state of CA on large scale gatherings. Probably not good."