WWE and AEW Twitter accounts locked down

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WWE and AEW Twitter accounts locked down

During the wee hours of Thursday, a massive hacker attack hit the famous social network Twitter, going to annoy even some of the most important profiles on the social network, such as those of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West and many other millionaires/billionaires in the world, who have been temporarily blocked by the famous social network because of this huge cyber attack.

Among the many companies blocked on the site, were also WWE and AEW, which were broadcasting two of their flagship programs on Wednesday evening, of course, we are talking about NXT and Dynamite.

WWE and AEW Twitter accounts locked down

In a situation where entering the various public profiles was almost dangerous, the IT team that deals with Twitter security sent several of the largest social profiles offline, thus also blocking those of TNT (broadcaster that transmits Dynamite), the same AEW and WWE, effectively blocking the possibility of being able to share any type of information or message with the rest of the world, with their own programs already started and broadcast on TNT and USA Network.

For several minutes, in fact, the WWE profile was unable to create any type of content but was only able to "retweet" ready-made content from other profiles, as Twitter had blocked this possibility. The aim of this attack was to be able to undo as much money (or bitcoin) as possible to the victims, with a team of hackers (it is still unknown how many were carrying out the attack), which had, in fact, hit the biggest millionaires and billionaires of the world, including the patron of Microsoft, that of Amazon and many others who certainly do not lack the money.

WWE eventually found itself forced to create a new temporary account to share tweets on the famous social network, which will soon be abandoned, with the company that has ironized with the following tweet, followed by that of TNT, while showing Dynamite on its television screens.

WWE used an old temporary account for NXT to post during the show. Then the verified accounts retweeted this unverified account. For some reason, TNT’s Twitter account wasn't blocked from tweeting and they assisted AEW throughout Fight For The Fallen.

This is a very interesting situation, but WWE and AEW were able to figure out a way to keep their fans informed. WWE NXT couldn’t tweet out either. They could retweet other tweets, but not make their own.