Vince McMahon changed the finish for Asuka-Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules

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Vince McMahon changed the finish for Asuka-Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules

One of the matches that WWE Universe fans enjoyed most in the night just passed, (which implies that this news contains the Extreme Rules spoiler), was surprisingly the match valid for the title of female champion of Monday Night Raw, won by Bayley's longtime friend, Sasha Banks, who pinned the Japanese of the red roster with the help of the Smackdown champion, who improvised herself as the official referee of the federation and dressed in the classic striped shirt, counting the friend's final pin.

At the moment, in fact, the ending of the Asuka-Sasha Banks match is still shrouded in mystery, with the same WWE that said on its official website that the end of the match is controversial, with further news that will probably have tonight, in the next episode.

of the USA Network red Monday night show. If all this wasn't enough, apparently the hustle and bustle that took place in the ring at the end of the match for the world title of Raw, would have been thought on the spot by the WWE Chairman himself: Vince McMahon.

Until a few hours before WWE Extreme Rules, in fact, the owner of the Stamford-based company had the certainty of wanting to win the contest to Asuka, thus making her keep the title won without fighting face to face from the hands of Becky Lynch.

Vince McMahon changed the finish for Asuka-Sasha Banks

As reported by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Osberver, in fact, the athlete designated for the initial victory was the Japanese, but apparently it is not known at the moment for what reason, Sasha Banks would instead have left the rings of the Performance Center with the title of champion Raw on his sides.

Obviously, although it was all a plan adopted at the last second, (literally), Vince McMahon should have clear ideas that will probably be explained in the next episode of the red show, or tonight, where Sasha Banks and Asuka should have a face to face, probably also with some executives, who will make fans understand how things are and above all who is the current holder of the absolute female title of Raw.

Alvarez added, “They moved the Jeff Hardy-Sheamus match to television”. He added, “They are moving big matches to television because the television numbers are doing terribly”. Meltzer said that people in the company flipped out when they saw the record-low rating for last week’s episode of Raw.

It looks like WWE will announce tonight that Asuka is still the champion and they will do the rematch with Sasha Banks tonight or in the near future on Raw so they can get a bump in the ratings.