Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE future

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Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE future

Rey Mysterio fought on the night of Extreme Rules in the expected and feared Eye for an Eye Match against Seth Rollins. And as we know by now, he has lost contention against Monday Night Messiah. But all this does not seem destined to generate the consequences that many would have expected.

What has rebounded from America for weeks, in fact, is that Rey Mysterio was about to expire a contract with WWE, and that in the meantime even his agreement with the company has definitely ended. In the meantime Mister 619 fought for Vince McMahon's "coin-operated" company, with the Chairman calm of his loyalty and of the fact that "betrayals" would not come from him in the meantime.

Also for the prospects of seeing in the not necessarily distant future his son Dominick become definitively part of the WWE roster. If however the suspicions were that, once the current feud had ended, Rey Mysterio would have definitively interrupted his Superstar career in the Stamford rings, something seems to have changed drastically in the meantime.

Rumors on Rey Mysterio

According to reports from the authoritative 'PWInsider', in fact, not only Rey Mysterio is destined to participate in the episode of Raw this Monday night, but it will be only the first of a new long series of appearances.

The sources of the well-known American site in fact report a brand new contract that in the meantime the veteran of San Diego would have signed with WWE. Then returning to be part of the full-fledged fighters available to Vince McMahon.

Obviously in the meantime explanations about the Extreme Rules post match will have to be provided, and 'PWInsider' this expects it to happen to Raw. At that point, Rey Mysterio's "third life" plans for WWE will begin.

All this, of course, would silence once and for all the rumors of a passage in AEW of the entire Mysterio family (Rey and Dominick), the perspective of which Dave Meltzer had spoken on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday's The Horror Show at Extreme Rules pay-per-view saw Mysterio lose a gimmicked eyeball to Seth Rollins in their Eye for an Eye match. WWE dialled back on the damage immediately, stating that his "potential globe luxation" may not necessarily mean permanent damage.

Dave Meltzer reported that this was done to give WWE an out should Rey re-sign. Rey didn't appear on last night's RAW though WWE also taped the 27 July episode yesterday, meaning he could feature next week.