*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre's next WWE Title defense revealed

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre's next WWE Title defense revealed

After winning the fairly insidious challenge that bore the name of Dolph Ziggler, in the last WWE PPV that aired only two nights ago and therefore just over 24 hours ago, Drew McIntyre was called tonight to make a choice to Monday Night Raw about who would have been his next opponent in the feud for the title he currently holds in the rings of the red show.

Apparently, however, Dolph Ziggler was still not satisfied with what happened in the match that brought him face to face with the absolute champion of Raw in that of Extreme Rules and decided so to appear tonight in the last episode of the red show, to challenge the Claymore master again.

Update on Drew McIntyre

Just in the last episode of Raw that aired last night and ended a few hours ago, the reigning WWE champion was challenged once again by the defeat of Extreme Rules, which despite the substantial difference in weight and physicality, was still successful to worry Drew and not a little, with a stipulation invented at the time by the same Ziggler that leaned solely and exclusively for him, being one-way.

On the evening of Raw recently ended, Ziggler wanted to challenge again McIntyre who initially refused the contest, as he admitted that he had already beaten his challenger quite evidently. Faced with Ziggler's insistence, Drew McIntyre finally accepted a titled match for next week, only once he heard that the conclusion of the match, this time he will be able to choose it.

They later confirmed that Drew McIntyre will take on Dolph Ziggler next week for the WWE Title. Drew gets to pick the stipulation. He said that Ziggler made the most out of the stipulation he chose. However, he said that he will learn from the mistake he’s made and will now move on to other challengers.

"I would love to lie and say it of course it wasn’t a mistake. You know, I would overcome anything but yes, there were times in that match including when he made that announcement, this might have been a mistake.

Truthfully, I might have got a little overconfident, you know, jumped in there two feet first when I allowed someone like Dolph Ziggler to pick the stipulation. I should have known better. He picked a stipulation, it benefitted him, he really really took it to me and maximised that stipulation.

Nonetheless, to err is human, I am gonna learn, I am gonna move on, I am gonna be a better champion. And Dolph’s out of the equation now, so I am moving on to someone else. We’re moving on to RAW tomorrow, so everybody, Champ needs a Challenger, keep lightning em’ up and I’ll keep knocking em’ out."