*Spoiler* What’s next for Bobby Lashley?

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*Spoiler* What’s next for Bobby Lashley?

After having proclaimed himself the new United States champion, given the absence of the reigning champion Apollo Crews from the Extreme Rules rings, MVP has continued undaunted to carry on also his work as manager in that of the WWE TV screens, also this night, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

Although the situation around the former United States champion is still quite mysterious, with Apollo Crews who according to some important sources would have been sent home to be infected with the much feared pandemic virus, MVP is still continuing to carry on in the rings of the red show his very personal storyline, complete with a new entry into the stable he created for several weeks with Bobby Lashley, who tonight saw the entry of a new important protagonist: Shelton Benjamin.

In a backstage segment aired during Raw, Bobby Lashley and his MVP manager, in fact, went face to face with the reigning 24/7 champion R-Truth, now historic holder of the WWE green-gold title, that a once he saw the two shady individuals he immediately understood that there was trouble in sight.

News on Bobby Lashley's future

Along with MVP and Bobby Lashley, however, there was also an official referee of the federation, with R-Truth who did not however realize that his attack was not coming from the hands of MVP or his assisted Lashley, but from those of Shelton Benjamin, who attacked him from behind, thus found a lightning-fast way to pin Truth, thus becoming for the first time in his career 24/7 WWE Champion.

After beating R-Truth easily, the three then headed to the rings of Monday Night Raw to celebrate the victory, with Shelton Benjamin making his official entry into the MVP and Lashley stable, which is now called 'Hurt Business'

Who knows what WWE will have in mind for this new stable and especially if someone else joins MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley, in the next episodes of the USA Network Monday night red show? There isn’t a clear statement given by WWE yet, but many speculate that Crews did not past the COVID 19 test that all WWE employees are expected to take before entering the premises.

This would explain the frantic cover-up through muscle injury. Once again, this is pure speculation and nothing has been confirmed. We are eager to hear the truth behind Crews’ absence. In the meantime, we are also eager to see how WWE plans on continuing this high profile storyline with one side of it completely missing. MVP and Lashley now cannot do anything but wait.