SportsNet Host Jimmy Korderas on “Wyatt Swamp Fight"

The match took place at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Wyatt was able to beat Strowman.

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
SportsNet Host Jimmy Korderas on “Wyatt Swamp Fight"

Sportsnet host Jimmy Korderas recently commented on the spectacular “Wyatt Swamp Fight” that was held recently. It was one of those cinematic style matches that WWE is known for holding these days, during the pandemic.

Since WWE cannot operate normally, they have to use these cinematic style matches to make sure that they entertain their fans properly. He spoke about this on the Wrestling Inc. podcast. The match took place at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Wyatt was able to beat Strowman. "I enjoyed parts of it. It's just…where do you go from here? That's the thing and I get it as now we have to wait until either an announcement on or until Friday's SmackDown to find out he didn't actually drown," Korderas said of Strowman.

SportsNet Host Jimmy Korderas on the Cinematic "Wyatt Swamp Fight"

"I liked the little elements when they had old school Braun facing current Braun. From a cinematic and story standpoint, I get it as it's a little bit fantasy.

But that's what we're getting in these cinematic matches. The unfortunate thing in this Swamp Match was we got Taker-AJ Styles at WrestleMania which is the one that everybody is holding the cinematic match standard to. And it's gonna be tough to live up to that one.

"With all due respect to Braun, him heavy breathing for five minutes while he's tied to a chair… Friday night's SmackDown – and I'm backtracking a little bit – when he cut that promo, it just seemed like a lot of, 'Ahhh' and there wasn't pacing.

There's something missing from me with Braun. He's big and imposing but there's something that needs to connect the dots with him for me that's not there." Many journalists believe that Stowman will most likely return as a new character, similar to how Bray Wyatt returned as The Fiend after taking a long break from WWE.

Many people believe that after seeing how he was defeated in the match. "All I can say is I hope you're correct my friend. That's all I can say because right now something is missing," stated Jimmy Korderas. "That's the whole thing – you want to be able to connect and invest in these characters. Because of that something lacking in Braun, I am not connecting."

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