WWE Legend Kurt Angle on Working with Vince McMahon

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WWE Legend Kurt Angle on Working with Vince McMahon

WWE Legend Kurt Angle spoke about working with WWE CEO Vince McMahon for his very first professional wrestling promo. Kurt Angle is one of the only Olympic Gold Medalists to enter a WWE ring. Since he was so good at real wrestling, he could easily do power moves.

He was also good at executing simple moves and therefore did not make a lot of mistakes. He admitted during an interview that he doubted himself and wasn’t confident about succeeding in the world of professional wrestling.

WWE Legend Kurt Angle on Working with Vince McMahon

"Initially, I thought Vince (McMahon) would only use me as a wrestler and that I wouldn't have to speak much. Frankly, I thought I would be assigned a manager," Angle said on the BASCHAMANIA Podcast.

Angle also admitted that he wasn’t actually very confident about being on the microphone. He cut his first promo after his debut in 1999. "A night before my debut, Vince had me rehearse a preconceived promo at my hometown of Pittsburgh.

He was instructing me on what to say but didn't write down the lines," recalled Angle. Angle’s famous 3 I’s promo got him attention after his debut match against Shawn Stasiak. "When I got to the arena in Detroit, I forgot my lines," Angle revealed.

"Vince was pissed at me and said, 'Ok, here are the lines again but you better not forget again.' " It was later revealed that Angle actually got 70% of his lines right. Vince McMahon was quite impressed by his performance.

"Vince said, 'Ok, I asked this guy to a cut a promo without a script and he did really well. We have something to build off here," added Angle. He also mentioned the wrestlers that work for WWE currently. He stated that NXT wrestlers work very hard on delivering good promos and WWE knows the importance of delivering great promos.

"Back then, everything was spontaneous. We were going from arena to arena, taking bumps, and learning on the fly. We never had time to work on our promos. Today, in NXT, the wrestlers work extensively on their promos, matches, and pre-takes.

They are very polished," said Angle. Kurt Angle was present during the Attitude Era and is one of the few wrestlers that regularly cut promos. He was a heel wrestler for most of his life and won many titles during his time at WWE. He retired from professional wrestling after WrestleMania 35.