Vince McMahon uses all his resources to upload the ratings

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Vince McMahon uses all his resources to upload the ratings

In recent weeks, WWE has hit record highs in America, with some of the lowest figures in the history of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown. The absence of the public and other problems that are characterizing the WWE (several absences of wrestlers, also significant, due to the virus) worries a lot of professionals and last week even real social debates were born on the negative data of the listen to the Monday Night Raw prior to the PPV of Extreme Rules.

To try to relieve this situation, the unsanctioned match between Legend Killer Randy Orton and The Big Show has been included in this new episode of Raw. Initially this meeting was to be held in Extreme Rules, but the very low ratings data led Vince McMahon to move the meeting to Raw.

This is not the first case where a major challenge has been removed from the PPVs and has been placed in Raw or Smackdown.

Vince McMahon on Raw ratings

Although many are worried about this situation in the federation, with some fearing a further decline in the coming weeks, it is not the same for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

According to reports from, Vinnie O'Mac believes that the numbers will start to grow after SummerSlam, and in particular they will rise because fans will return to WWE shows by September. In particular, a source close to WWE said: "Vince is doing everything possible by entering meetings from PPV to Raw and SmackDown, but in general the US broadcasters are happy and know that things will get better when people return to the arenas.

So right now Vince McMahon and the top tiers of the federation are not worried about the latest WWE ratings." Another important problem in WWE is certainly characterized by the health emergency and the well-known virus that is hitting the United States heavily: in addition to the absence of public, the spread of the virus is forcing several athletes to remain still with some who have tested positive for the virus and others who are afraid to go down to the ring to avoid contagion.

There are many well-known names that have missed important shows for these reasons, even the (now ex) United States champion Apollo Crews who skipped Extreme Rules because of the positivity to the virus. Throw in the fact that football season is fast approaching, and it definitely appears as if RAW could be in serious trouble moving forward.