*Spoiler* WWE’s plans for Asuka at SummerSlam

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*Spoiler* WWE’s plans for Asuka at SummerSlam

After seeing herself stolen from the Monday Night Raw world champion title, the Japanese red show Asuka is continuing to continue her feud with her colleagues from Smackdown Bayley and Sasha Banks, with whom she will have yet another confrontation next week, in a titled match that should finally shed light on what happened in the final of the titled Extreme Rules match, where Sasha pinned the Japanese with the help of her friend Bayley, who had taken possession of the referee shirt of the WWE officer, effectively replacing him in her role.

After the controversial end of the contest in the PPV, in fact, Stephanie McMahon attempted to restore order in the women's category of the WWE flagship show, going to sanction a match titled for next week through an external link in video-conference where Asuka will once again face Sasha Banks, who for the moment is not yet officially the champion of the red roster, in a match with a very special stipulation.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Asuka’s future in the WWE and who she will face at SummerSlam.

WWE's plans for Asuka

Apparently though, what we saw at Monday Night Raw this week wasn't supposed to be what was expected in this storyline.

According to what was reported in his latest Wrestling Observer microphones, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer would have informed WWE Universe fans that there should have been a very hard attack on Kairi Sane by Natalya, who was the designated wrestler to get the Japanese out of the scene, who has now ended her relationship with WWE, becoming the official opponent of Asuka in Summerslam.

This is what Meltzer reported in the last edition of the WON: "Yesterday's idea was to have Kairi Sane being injured by a person who would have let her out of the scene - and who seemed to be Shayna Baszler on TV tonight and Baszler was brought back to the scene for this, to injure Kairi Sane, although it seems that initially it was Natalya who had to re-play this role, but in the end she remained out of the scene, even if she doesn't have the virus, but she will remain a few weeks off-screen anyway"

In practice, the new feud that would have seen Asuka as the protagonist for her SummerSlam feud, once the interlude with Sasha Banks was over, should have been the Canadian Natalya, while a change of plans should have brought the 'Queen of Spades', Shayna Baszler, to the Raw champion's court.