WWE's SummerSlam plans for The Street Profits

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WWE's SummerSlam plans for The Street Profits

After changing her mind several times on the storyline that currently features on the screens of Monday Night Raw Asuka, Sasha Banks and her friend Bayley, with a very controversial ending to the Extreme Rules match valid for the title of champion of the red show, with a possible new external interference from Shayna Baszler, who should in fact be the new challenger to the Japanese title of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) flag show, it seems that the management has not yet finished turning the cards on the table.

The location of the men's tag team titles of the red show, in fact, would still be on the high seas as regards the company's next Big Four summer, or SummerSlam, with the top managers of the wrestling company based in Stamford who would have trashed several plans for the champions, the Street Profits, who would certainly not have any challengers yet for the next special event of the federation.

As reported by the usual and always present Dave Meltzer, one of the most reliable sources of pro-wrestling in the world of media, to the microphones of his usual transmission of the Wrestling Observer, the well-known journalist is said to have stated how the Mexicans Andrade and Angel Garza should be the next title challengers of Profits.

WWE's plans for The Street Profits

Meltzer stated: "The original plan for SummerSlam was a title match with the Street Profits vs Garza and Andrade. It seemed that the construction was going in that direction since the last pay-per-view, but apparently the Street Profits have left the scene like many other athletes, so at the moment it is not known - because they have not yet built anything and not it is known if they will begin in time to lay the foundations for this feud."

Unlike the female storyline that sees Asuka and Sasha Banks still protagonists, with the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) boss who will probably have to deal with her best friend in that of the summer Big Four if not in the autumn one of Survivor Series, with the long-awaited split between the two that would seem to be always around the corner, the storyline of the male couple champions seems not to want to take off yet.

We will see in the next episodes of Monday Night Raw, if the WWE leadership will shake the situation, bringing the Street Profits on-screen with plans clearly outlined for them and their future opponents. The Street Profits debuted as a Tag Team in 2016 and have made their way into WWE via NXT. The team is composed of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.