Shelton Benjamin makes history on Raw

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Shelton Benjamin makes history on Raw

It is known that the history of WWE and that of pro-wrestling in general are made of records, streaks, unbeaten strips and even defeat strips, such as Goldberg's very long streak in WCW or Asuka's at NXT, passing through that of Undertaker's Wrestlemania, up to the one we want to talk about today.

The very particular streak we want to be part of today, lasted for 14 years and featured the new 24/7 WWE champion, Shelton Benjamin. With the victory of the green-gold title of the McMahon-owned federation, in fact, Benjamin put an end to a long list of on-screen defeats on Monday Night Raw that had lasted since 2006, with the athlete who actually entered the MVP stable and Bobby Lashley, perhaps to retire on his career lately quite subdued.

Shelton Benjamin makes history

According to the tweet, Shelton Benjamin is now the only wrestler in the company who has won the Intercontinental, United States, Raw Tag-Team and 24/7 Titles. Of course, the latter is a comedy prop that doesn't exactly represent a push from WWE management.

A title's a title and it's not like Benjamin gets the chance to make WWE history much these days. He probably wouldn't even be aware of his 'first ever' status without reading this or being told by someone backstage though.

The stat revealed that the WWE Championship took 47 years and two months to witness the hundredth title reign, which belonged to Sheamus starting in June 2010. Meanwhile, it took 24 years and 10 months for the Intercontinental Championship to witness a hundredth reign.

Edge became the 100th Intercontinental Champion when he defeated Randy Orton at Vengeance 2004. In contrast, a 100th 24/7 Champion has been crowned within 14 months. While Benjamin is beginning his first reign, R-Truth held the 24/7 Championship for a record 37 times over a period of 197 days.

In between his two victories, Benjamin amassed an 0-15 record, losing to the likes of Paul London, JTG and Apollo Crews. Much of his time was spent away from Monday nights, however, as he predominately competed on SmackDown or ECW until his WWE release in 2010.

He returned to the company in 2017 but wholly wrestled on the blue brand until October 2019 when he was drafted to Raw. They tweeted: "New @WWE 24/7 Champ @Sheltyb803 scores a singles victory on #WWERaw by pinning former champ @RonKillings.

It's Benjamin's first 1-on-1 win on #Raw since defeating Super Crazy in 2006... before iPhones were introduced, The Big Bang Theory premiered & Twitter started using hashtags."