WWE planning face turn for 'The Fiend'

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WWE planning face turn for 'The Fiend'

One of the faces most missing to WWE Universe fans on Stamford's TV screens, belongs to Bray Wyatt's alter ego, The Fiend, who had not appeared on WWE shows for some months now, well before his Money match in the Bank, where Bray Wyatt had taken part in the "human" clothes in the contest.

During the final of the Extreme Rules Swamp Fight which ended in a rather controversial way, we saw his evil alter ego reappear from the marshy waters of the Bray Wyatt estate, the Fiend that now the company fans love, who therefore returned to take revenge on the defeats suffered against Braun Strowman and to hunt for the Universal Smackdown title.

WWE planning face turn for 'The Fiend'

Apparently, the character of Wyatt will be fundamental for the near future of the McMahon company, with the leadership of the federation who is even thinking of using Smackdown's sensational "turnaround" as a babyface, to attract the attention of the fans towards Smackdown and in general towards the product offered by WWE.

Given the large receipts that WWE is making through its official online shop, the management has decided to switch the Fiend, Wyatt and all the characters related to it, on the "good" side, also going to plan very important plans for him in view of the company's summer Big Four: Summerslam.

As reported by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, an internal WWE source would have revealed how the management wants: "to bring The Fiend among the baby faces and kill all the other baby faces once again."

Although the federation has already discarded some plans for Otis after his Money in the Bank victory that also involved Bray Wyatt in that of Smackdown, it seems that WWE leadership has now changed its mind again with the Fiend, still trying to take full advantage of the appeal that the character has towards the WWE Universe, using it as a spearhead in the sale of merchandise and ppv to his fans, especially now that Summerslam is closer than ever.

As reported earlier, WWE‘s initial plans included a storyline between Otis and Wyatt. The program was supposed to involve Otis’ Money In The Bank briefcase too, but those plans were quickly dropped, thereby making The Heavy Machinery member directionless on SmackDown.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt will likely collide with Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam next month.