Rey Mysterio's contract negotiations with WWE

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Rey Mysterio's contract negotiations with WWE

WWE and Rey Mysterio are working on a contract renewal of the San Diego fighter, which could actually materialize but has not yet happened. With Extreme Rules now behind us, the theme of Rey Mysterio's stay in WWE has become very topical, given that the expert fighter is now employed in the Stamford rings without a regular contract, but with "token" payments (therefore linked to his individual appearances).

As we have already reported to you in these hours, however, the negotiations for a contract renewal have now entered hard times, even if at the moment they do not seem to have reached the expected agreement. Dave Meltzer also dealt with the matter, who on the 'Wrestling Observer Radio' said: "He has not signed.

My instinct is always that in the end he will do it, but it hasn't happened yet. And the final of Extreme Rules was that just because he hadn't signed... The reason why they decided to propose an open ending is that in this way they could tell they saved his eye, which will happen if he signs.

This is their way out"

News on Rey Mysterio

Those who have dealt in depth with the Rey Mysterio issue have been in these hours 'PWInsider', who had told of a meeting between Mister 619 and the leadership of WWE on the occasion of Raw's recordings last Monday.

And in the meantime, he provided further information: the meeting would have actually taken place, but no further information was leaked on whether or not the agreement was reached, at least for the time being. One of the knots seems to be the size of the salary, which according to sources Rey Mysterio would like to increase, while WWE has not expected increases in this period of health and economic emergency.

All this, in any case, when he reached the long-awaited agreement would silence once and for all the rumors of a passage in AEW of the entire Mysterio family (Rey and Dominick), a perspective that Dave Meltzer himself had spoken about on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' a couple of weeks ago.

The reason for WWE unable to meet Rey Mysterio's monetary demand is the fact that the company is hit by COVID-19. WWE was forced to make budget cuts and relieved a numwrestlers of their contracts back in April. With AEW becoming one of WWE's biggest competitors, Rey Mysterio may jump ship but will the company be willing to meet Mysterio's demands?