WWE Wrestler Ruby Riott on Getting First Singles Win in Over a Year

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WWE Wrestler Ruby Riott on Getting First Singles Win in Over a Year

WWE Wrestler Ruby Riott just shared her story about getting her first singles match win in over a year. It was the July 13th episode of Monday Night Raw. Ruby Riott was successful in defeating the team of Billie Kay, Payton Royce, and Bianca Belair that night.

She was immediately placed in the ring the following week on Raw. Riott faced Payton Royce in singles competition. Those were the only wins that she had back to back.

Ruby Riott on Her Last Big Wins

Her last win was against Nikki Cross on the 11th of February, 2019.

She wrote about it on Twitter. She had to stay out of the ring as she had to undergo multiple shoulder surgeries. She also called out Liv Morgan. Liv last appeared on WWE TV in June. "Monday night was a special night," Riott began.

"My match against Peyton Royce might not have been for a title, or even an opportunity at one. But it was my first singles win since [February] of 2019. When I came back from my shoulder surgeries, I thought things would be exactly how I left them, but they weren't.

"Things changed. People changed, and I didn't know how to handle it, but the fire that was lit after Peyton disrespected Liv Morgan was one that I needed to shake the guilt and the defeat that I've felt for months.

Even if it was only for a few minutes, Live, if you watched on Monday, I hope you were proud. And Peyton, from now on, keep her name outta your mouth." Ruby Riott is one of the many WWE superstars that struggle after suffering bad shoulder injuries.

Shoulder injuries are extremely common in the world of professional wrestling and they can limit the ability of a wrestler if they don’t heal up properly. Besides that, Ruby was known for being a member of the Riott Squad with Sarah Logan.

Sarah Logan is no longer part of the WWE. She was released earlier this year. The Riott Squad was actually a very well-known group in WWE. They could never reach the top of WWE, but they wrestled some of the best performers that WWE had at the time. Ruby Riott might be looking to start a feud with Liv Morgan in the near future.