Keith Lee relinquishes the WWE NXT North American Title

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Keith Lee relinquishes the WWE NXT North American Title

As seen on the second evening dedicated to the revived historic WWE brand, Great American Bash, the North American NXT champion Keith Lee, won his long-awaited match valid for the title of NXT model champion against Adam Cole, with both belts of the wrestlers of the yellow show who had been at stake in the contest and with the mammoth black athlete of the WWE show on Wednesday night who graduated for the first time in his career as the absolute champion of NXT, for the happiness of the fans and colleagues.

After a few weeks of reign with both titles, however, Keith Lee made a sensational decision that was communicated by the same "double champion", in that of the episode of NXT that aired tonight, where Keith Lee displaced all the own fans making the North American title of the third roster of the Federation of Stamford vacant.

NXT's Keith Lee Announces He Will Relinquish North American Championship

During the episode of the yellow show aired last night, in fact, a big announcement was expected by the show's General Manager, William Regal, who was however interrupted by the same NXT champion, who said he had a lot important to say and not being able to wait any longer.

Microphone in hand, Keith Lee has announced to fans, colleagues and his General Manager, that he does not want to limit the opportunities of the other NXT Superstars in any way, even though he is called "Limitless", so he has decided to make the title vacant North American, which can then be used by some other colleague to emerge.

Faced with these words, William Regal could not help but accept Lee's choice, announcing that there will be a series of matches starting from the next episodes of NXT, which will determine the participants in a particular Ladder match valid for the secondary title.

of the yellow show, which apparently will air on NXT's next TakeOver on the Summerslam weekend. Regal then announced that a series of Triple Threats will begin tonight. The winners will then go on to NXT "Takeover: XXX" on Saturday, August 22 in a Ladder Match to crown the new NXT North American Champion.

Lee won the North American Title back on January 22 of this year by defeating Roderick Strong. NXT has done a great job of making the North American Championship feel meaningful, something that isn't true of the secondary belts on Raw and SmackDown.